Pierre-Louis Aublin, Ph.D.

Distributed systems security researcher

E-mail: pl(at}pakupaku[d0T)me


I am a Project Assistant Professor (特任助教) at Keio University, Japan, in the SSLAB research group, working with Prof. Kenji Kono on improving the security of cloud applications by using Intel SGX enclaves.

I received my Ph.D. in computer science in January 2014 from the University of Grenoble. My advisors were Sonia Ben Mokhtar and Vivien Quéma. I was involved in the ERODS team (LIG Laboratory).

My resume is available here in PDF.


I am interested in the design and analysis of distributed and multicore systems. In particular, I focus on the robustness, security and efficiency of such systems.
I am also interested in programming languages and abstractions for implementing efficient and robust distributed systems.


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I have engaged in teaching activities at various institutions: